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Our mission is to empower body shop owners with the ability to run their business in an organized, efficient and profitable manner, from any location in the world.


Eliminate the chaos and welcome empowerment.

In this high-tech age, many shops are still tracking workflow on paper, or a whiteboard at best. This leaves much room for error and little ability for anyone but the shop manager to know what’s going on inside the shop, let alone go on vacation.

MyShop Traffic Auto Repair Software changes all of that, putting the workflow literally in the hands of the techs who update the jobs digitally as they move the vehicle along the repair process. Everyone from the front office to the shop floor, to the shop owner from his poolside lounge chair can access this up to the minute information at any time.

The software also tracks things like supplies, parts, labor hours, and job costing and delivers data that can be analyzed to help streamline operations.

Take the chaos out of managing your shop and put more money in the bottom line.  Power and profit, in the palm of your hand.

Gene Cortes

From his body shop to yours, Gene’s goal is to see anyone who has the desire to grow a thriving business make that dream happen. Whether you’re taking over your family business or taking yours to the next level, he’s here to share his wisdom with you.

Gene has had a passion for cars since he was a child and has spent the last 40 years working in every aspect of the collision repair business. He believes that innovation is key to keeping a company’s growth moving forward and when he developed MyShop Traffic Auto Repair Software for his own shop, he quickly realized that if he was seeing a difference in his profits from using it, other shops would too.

Gene resides in New York with his wife. He is an avid car collector and counts his ‘89 Porsche 911 Carrera and 2018 Corvette Stingray among his favorites.

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Melly Bonita

This business is all about family. As the daughter of Gene Cortes, Melly has grown to see her father build his auto repair shop brick by brick.

Melly was in the passenger seat of her father’s tow truck in the 70s as he “chased” for cars on the streets of New York. In her mother’s womb that is! So she was quite literally born into this business and spent her teenage years working at their auto body shop answering phones and filing. After graduating from New York University with a bachelor’s degree in Business and International Marketing, she worked in Public Relations for 18 years, representing consumer brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Kodak, Buick, and Apple Computer. It was during those years that she honed in on the art of building relationships to share a product and its story. She has worked as a PR and marketing consultant for the past 13 years. Melly resides in Connecticut with her husband and three daughters. She recently upgraded to a Mazda CX-5 after nine years living the minivan life in a Honda Odyssey.

Stephanie Cohen

As the daughter of Gene Cortes, Stephanie grew to love and appreciate the auto repair shop her Dad built which lead her to use her passion and skills to make you as successful has he is.

Stephanie was just 9 years old when her father opened up his body shop, so she knew more than the average 4th-grader did about cars, insurance claims and repairs. As a result, she developed a passion for cars and to this day, loves getting behind the wheel of a performance vehicle. In 2004, Stephanie graduated from The University of Miami with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Communications and headed back to New York to work as a textile designer for Disney, Warner Brothers, Marvel Comics and Mattel. 

She later worked in marketing and webinar training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Stephanie resides in New Hampshire with her husband and two daughters. She drives a Volvo XC90 packed with car seats, Barbie dolls and goldfish crackers.

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Hear From Our Customers

  • After years of using outdated methods and being unorganized, My Shop Traffic has been a great tool to help bring clarity to my busy days. It keeps my employees organized and more involved in the repair process. I highly recommend it for any shop owner who wants to grow and advance their business to the next level.

     – Anthony M. – Frankie M’s Auto Body, Smithtown, NY
  • This is the best program for body shops you will find out there. MyShop Traffic helps you connect the floor with the office. Not only that, but it gives you detailed information about where your money is going on every repair. This is way better than CCC ONE or any other program. You will only need CCC ONE to write estimates. This is made by a collision shop owner for collision shops. It doesn’t get any better than that. MyShop traffic has made our life so much easier. It is amazing! I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again - it’s brilliant!
    – Maria R. – Congress Motors Inc., Yonkers, NY
  • My hair hasn’t grown back in from using it, but I do feel better because I am not wasting time remembering the status of all the projects! It has helped to alleviate the staff from relying on me to give an answer to someone in my shop directly. And if you’re looking for ways to shed wearing all the hats of a young business that is growing, this is one tool that works well in many ways. This program is centralized and cloud-based so I’ve finally been able to say, “goodbye paperwork!” It has saved me so much time and it has shifted my operation to being efficient and timely.
    – Gary W. – Jet Auto Care, Colorado Springs, CO