Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program good for a small shop with 10 or less employees?

Yes! MyShop Traffic Auto Repair Software is designed to grow with your business, so no matter if you have 3 employees or 30, it is scalable. We offer unlimited users at the same monthly price which means that you don’t have to worry about paying more as your company grows.

Does this program connect with my estimating software?

Yes! MyShop Traffic Auto Repair Software connects with CCC One, Mitchell, WebEst and Audatex and automatically imports your estimates into our software.

Does MyShop Traffic work for MSO’s?

Yes! As a Multiple Shop Operator, you can have one login and see all of your locations and their activity in one place. The monthly subscription is charged per location.

Can I use the software on multiple workstations and access it from my mobile devices?

Yes! MyShop Traffic is cloud based, so that means there are no annoying downloads to install onto your computer and you can access it on any desktop, laptop or mobile device as long as you have an internet connection.

I want to use the software but I don’t think my techs will want to clock in and out of every RO. Can I still use it?

We get it, change is hard. But it’s essential to growth and the clock is the heart of our software and its what tracks how much time is spent on each step of the vehicle repair, thus yielding important reports about cost, touch time and cycle time.  We have found that once techs get comfortable with task of clocking in and out, they work more efficiently and are more productive and the change is never a hard as they think! 

Can I use MyShop Traffic to communicate with my customers?

Yes! There is an automatic texting feature in the software that keeps your customers updated on as much or as little about the status of their repair as they choose. This reduces the number of incoming and outgoing phone calls at your shop, saving you and your staff a ton of time.

Can I upload photos to the software?

Yes, you can take photos with your smartphone and upload them directly to the software. You can also drag and drop them from your computer into the job files in MyShop Traffic. Additionally, you can also scan documents and upload them as PDF files into the job files.

Are there any extra charges or fees for updates to the program?

No. Updates are always automatic and free.

How do I cancel my subscription if I am not satisfied with the program?

With our month to month plan, you can cancel at any time.

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