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MyShop Traffic is an easy-to-use, secure and full-service management software that is designed to increase your body shop's productivity and ROI. It is the brainchild of 40- year auto body veteran, Gene Cortes. Since the 1970's, Cortes has worked in every aspect of this business - from driving tow trucks, to working as an insurance adjuster for companies like Allstate and Travelers, to managing and owning small body shops before opening his current 14,000 square foot body shop in 1992.

Ten years ago, business was good but Cortes had identified areas of improvement such as wasted time and inventory, and bottlenecks in the repair process. He worked with a web developer to create a simple software on his then Palm Pilot that helped him track every state of a vehicle's repair. Over time, the software became the key component of his shop's management system and in 2017, Cortes developed a proprietary software called MyShop Traffic to help bring this software to other body shop owners. The MyShop Traffic team is led by Cortes and his daughters, Melly Bonita and Stephanie Cohen, who both grew up in the body shop business and have spent their professional careers working in corporate sales, marketing and design. They bring a wealth of practice and knowledge from their experience living and working in the family business as well as their years working for large multinational corporations and marketing agencies.

MyShop Traffic was created by a body shop FOR a body shop. We understand the intricacies of your business and have built features into the platform that help you tackle your day to day operations with ease, efficiency and more profit in your bottom line. If you'd like to start managing your business, instead of letting your business manage you, its time to get MyShop Traffic!

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